Our Story

Geodes were formed during the geological generation era hundreds of millions of years ago. The anhydrous silicic acid in the geodes flowed into the cavities and crystallized on the cliffs under certain pressure and temperature.

Here is a paradise of crystals, the crystallization of natural wisdom and human hard work. In this fertile land, there are countless crystal travertines, each of which carries the sweat and hope of workers, and I am just an inconspicuous little crystal among them.

I was born hundreds of millions of years ago. After several generations and sunshine, my friends and I emerged from the ground and thrived.

After many centuries, I was discovered and reused. With smiles on their faces, the workers drove the mining machine to pick me up. This was the result of their hard work for a year, and it was also my new starting point.

Soon after, I and other geodes were sent to a local geode factory. A young designer had a special liking for these crystal stones that were hundreds of millions of years old. We were carved into pieces of exquisite ornaments and decorated with expensive textures. , the color is white and pure, which makes people fall in love at first sight. So she placed an order for a batch, and luckily I was one of them, following the large army over the mountains and ridges to the factory in the south.

With the designer's ingenuity, I transformed from a crystal stone into a unique and beautiful crystal ornament. By the way, I was also branded with the brand Abodify, and it was this brand that doubled my worth.

In order to let more consumers know about us, she also spent a lot of money to hire professional photographers to show our free form. At the same time, we were also labeled with various labels - "Selected Brazilian and Uruguayan crystal ornaments", "Eternal "Beauty", "Natural Elegance"...
When we are ready, we will be put on different platforms, including domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, the brand's official website, and overseas independent stations. At the same time, advertising about us has also started, and we can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and even TikTok.

Due to adequate preparation and proper publicity, many consumers came here. Once we launched, we were very popular in the market and sold out quickly. A boy who lives in North America also grabbed it. He accidentally saw me while watching TikTok short videos. He imagined wearing me and standing handsomely in front of the girl he admired, so he decisively came to the independent brand website.

After selecting the color and style, add it to the shopping cart with one click and pay with a credit card. The brand has also made preparations in advance and has integrated AsiaBill's credit card payment, which supports global mainstream credit card payment, no matter which card organization the boy takes out. , can successfully complete the purchase order.

The moment the order is placed, the payment flows through the layers to the brand's AsiaBill merchant backend, and will be settled into the brand's pocket after a certain period. At that time, after deducting various costs and expenses, the money will be the brand's profit. .

After placing the order, I was packed in a box and transported across the ocean, across thousands of mountains and rivers, to another country, and was successfully handed over to Xiao Shuai. The boy was attracted by my new style and texture and couldn’t wait to get it. You want to wear me to date a girl, and here, I will also accompany Xiaoshuai to open a new chapter...

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